About this site


You could have visited any other website.

One that features nudity or the latest meme

(preferably a little of both).


But you didn’t.


Instead you clicked your way to www.huibertjan.nl,

a site that offers very little nudity or memes.


This website features a selection of projects by me,

Huibert Jan van der Fange, a creative based in Amsterdam.


I think up ideas. And execute them.

From web to print.

From books to installations.

From odd research to JPEG collecting.


Simple ideas.


For example, I once had the idea to create 10 versions of my ‘About this site’ page. Which of course never happened. But hey, it’s the thinking that counts, isn't it?


Here’s the top 5 ideas anyway:

  1. Answer the questions to someone else’s interview.
  2. Hire a lookalike for a photo-reportage.
  3. Get a stutterer read my biography out loud. (Easily makes it twice as long)
  4. Steal the synopsis of a movie and present it as my life story.
  5. Get my mum to write it.


Thanks for stopping by.




My motto:

There are two types of people in the world.

Those who get it.

Those who do not.